Our Staff

The staff of Duralumin Works Genti is a dedicated and talented team of professionals with long experience in the field of duralumin and glass works. Each member of the team possesses in-depth technical knowledge and a true passion for the art of construction and design. They are committed to ensuring high quality and precision in every project, from initial consultation to detailed implementation. With a customer-oriented approach, the staff offers customized solutions that adapt to the needs and environment of each customer, guaranteeing an excellent service experience. The Duralumin Works Genti team is a reliable and innovative source for all your duralumin and glasswork needs, making any space not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

About Genti Duralumin Works

Punime Duralumini Genti offers professional services in the field of duralumin and glass. We specialize in the production of aluminum doors and windows, railings, shutters and automatic awnings, as well as various glass works for kitchens and other premises. With several years of experience, we offer maximum quality and customized customization according to customer requirements. In addition to the standardized range, we offer bespoke works, ensuring a great combination of innovation and elegance in every project.